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Rebuilding the Site:  2014
1-16-2014  I just wrote an article (see below) titled Wryd Initiation that attempts to explain in part what I've been through beginning December 17, 2013.  A day or two after the 17th I noticed that my web site had been hacked and ad-links were all over the place -- not done by me.  That was related to my wyrd initiation in a way that I would have never expected.  Hopefully the hacking stuff is behind me now but I can't be sure.  By posting at least some of what I've been through there might be a backlash but I hope not.  Anyway, my plan is to gradually review the old material I had posted from 2012 and 2013 and also the 'alien' image gallery, and put at least some of it back up again intact and other parts reworded/redrawn so they aren't offensive or contain what might be judged as factually incorrect content.  As one of my esteemed colleagues in creation told me, "We knocked but you didn't answer".  Well, I'm listening now.
1-16-2014  This is a summary an intervention/reintegration/initiation I went through beginning the 17th of December, 2013 and ending at the close of 2013.
My Project Picture
"Replace fear with love for we shall die together into eternity"  --old Goth 'Reptilian' warrior saying
"Amnesia is the greatest adversary" -- from the [sometimes not-so-gentle] voice in my mind
Wyrd Initiation
1-13-2014  A little about the picture I was reqested to make on December 23, 2013.
Posted 4-13-2013 Encounter with an Owl on the way to Fort Casey, Whidbey Island, 1976
The Royal Cubit Rod of Amenemipet
Updated 1-29-2014  originally posted 1-19-2014  The post Akhenaten Royal Cubit Rod of Amenemipet and the glorious restoration of Amun and the demise of Aten
Night School:  Playing the Hoops Game, Part 1
1-21-2014  A report about an experience I had as a three-year-old when I began training to work in what turned out later to be ethically questionable off planet transport operations. 
Encounter With a Short Legged Reptilian
1-29-2014  A report about an early childhood encounter I had with a short legged Reptilian. 
1-30-2014  Various types of 'reptilians' I have personally seen in my encounters.  There were physical beings and not mental impressions.
Gallery of 'Reptilians'
Reptilian Tube Ships &  Norse Bloodline Pedigrees
Originally posted Oct. 19, 2013   Reposted February 6, 2014   Where I was brow beaten into serving the Reptilian Battle and honoring soul and bloodline pedigrees
Your donations no matter how small are greatly appreciated and will assist in keeping more reports flowing from my pen.    They also free up more of my time to continue with Books 2 and 3 of The Verges.  Thanks!
Excerpts from The Verges, Book 1 
Posted February 6, 2014
Reposted February 6, 2014  extremely bizarre experience about sexual intercourse with a female alien.  WARNING:  Due to some sexually expllicit content this account may be offensive or not be suitable for some people.
"... a real fightclub feel about it.  And a darker Goth undertone very real feel... The book takes you on a mind-expanding adventure, where things start to make sense in a wyrd way.  Enjoyable to read a book that you cant put down until the end and you will keep coming back to.  My personal favourite chapter is The sandbox monster and Mr kings lawn.  Bring on book 2"  - TFD Campbell
A true account

"We are here to stimulate even the slightest twinkling of preparedness for an upcoming shift of immense importance.  This is not only for the resident human population but also for a gamut of soul expressions -- configurations in light bodies -- who are and have had a vested interest in rescuing the entrapped ones -- the ones ensnared by conscripted soul agreements contrary to even the most basic of paradigms nascent to expression of consciousness."

A message given to me on January 5, 2014  while I was writing Encounters with Light Beings.
Encounters with Light Beings, Part One
Posted February 12, 2014  Introduction and Part One of Encounters with Beings of Light.
Considering a Race of Mutant Humans
Originally posted 6/25/2013.   Alice in Texas and are Homo sapiens really the 'mutants'?
Encounters with Light Beings,  Part Two
Posted February 12, 2014  Meeting an angel-like being near Blewett Pass in 1990.
The Alligator-Man Who Needed a Fix
Posted May 22, 2013  Encounter With a Reptilian Who Was Desperate for Life Force
Stare of the Owl
Nordics, Tricksters and the Art of Fooling Humans
This page was first posted May 23, 2013  'Nordics', tricksters and the craft of manipulating human perception.
A Fake Alien
An abduction experience from c.1995
A Clown in the Closet
Pumping Human Conciousness into Mutant Hybrids
This page was first posted May 23, 2013 with the title of  'Nordics', tricksters and the craft of manipulating human perception.
This page was first posted May 8, 2012
Lizard People in Portugal
My Reptilian Handler
Posted April 15, 2012.  In Service to the Grays: Observations about my Reptilian Handler
A Summons to Appear
Posted April 14, 2012   My Initiation into Reptilian Knighthood
My Hybrid Child
This page was first posted on 9-3-2013   eBeing shown my child when I was twenty years old.
A Nazi Connection to Reptilians
1: Meeting Gar
2: The Totenkopf MiB
Mission Statement (mine)
Posted March 7, 2014 My brief but de rigueur 'mission statement' with creep caveat. 
Posted March 20, 2014 My soul infusion from the son of a Nazi Luftverkehrsingenieur
Remembering Schroeder
Royal Dragon Bloodlines
Posted March 29, 2014
Dragonmen of Tokyo
A Bloody Encounter with Reptilian 'Yakuza' and Other Strange Happenings
This page was first posted April 28, 2012 and reposted March 29, 2014
The Secret Hatchery
US Military Involvement in Reptilian Breeding
This page was first posted April 21, 2012 and reposted with some additions April 1, 2014
Reptilians with Dorsal Sails
This page was first posted April 28, 2012 and reposted April 1, 2014
A Draco in Georgia:  Part 1
The Confederacy, White Supremacy and Lizard People
This page was first posted April 18, 2012 and reposted April 1, 2014
The Cougar Mountain Test
A competition involving a Dinosaurian that tested Handler-to-'Slave' functionality.
This page was first posted March 12, 2012 and reposted April 3, 2014
Incident at Willapa Bay, 1990
U.S. Military Involvement with a 'UFO' Craft Retreival in Washington State
This page was first posted March 30, 2013 and reposted April 5, 2014
Gifts from the Cricket-Man
My early childhood encounter with an insect-like being. 
 Posted April 10,  2014 

1984:  The Modoc Plateau Draco Ranch
A mind-controlled abduction leading me to the Modoc plateau and having, among other things, a tour of the Draco breeding ranch, complete with helicopter/UFO landing pad.